when your boyfriend accidentally messes up your hair

When will I ever get tired of seeing JinMark moments….? NEVER. Oh God Bless JinMark!!!


Good morning, just dropping in to check the levels of delusion on the Internet. Still keeping things interesting i see.

Baekhyun is the only one to specifically stylize it as ‘ExO’. Why? Because the ‘E’ and the ‘O’ in Korean look like ‘ㅌ’ and ‘ㅇ’ (Taeyeon’s name in Korean 태연)… obviously…


Honestly, people. This whole dating on instagram thing is completely made up by some stupid fans who couldn’t stand to see their bias be with anyone else but their fans. Because we’re really all going to get married to our biases one day, right?


Okay, so he wrote EXO like ExO. Does that…


I find it hilarious how some people are honestly trying to analyze the situation and find reasons why it couldn’t be true that Taeyeon and Baekhyun are dating.


I’ve been a BaekYeon shipper for a long time and honestly this is one of the ships that I actually believed could really…


I think I may know why SM chose now to release ‘Baekyeon’.

One of the things in Kris’s lawsuit says that SM controlled who he dated and intimacy. By ‘accidentally’ letting Baek and Taeyeon get photographed, they make Kris looked stupid because SM claims these two were dating since February….

jongin, sehun and luhan’s solo (baekhyun ver.)

Oh God. *facepalms*

Najongdae na haha kbye



Translation Credits: TheF1rstLight

From 7712MK: After they played the VCR Tao started to cry and as Lay talked he started to cry too. HeJiong’s (MC) voice broke and Nana (MC) was crying too, I don’t even need to mention that the whole audience was too. After Lay finished speaking…


exo speaks about Kris’ lawsuit against sme.

baekhyun doesn’t like to see chanyeol sad..

Baek just casually walks toward Yeollie’s place and I freaked out! Gaaaaaah this OTP!!!!