140815 Baekyeon at SMT in Seoul

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We love how as soon as he knew Taeyeon appeared on stage, he went to her direction.

We wonder he wanna make sure if his gf is okay, because she was on stage late compare to others.

[FANACC] when the first song of SNSD starts, Baekhyun came out and sat on the stairs and started going in his phone, he also chatted with the manager. When the song ended he went back in. [cre blondiekai]

I think Baekhyun was really worried about Taeyeon on that day

First, he went out to see SNSD’s performance, i think he wanted to make sure if she was ok.

Second, at the ending stage, as soon as he saw her appearing on stage, he reached to her direction. 

Idk why you guys are sad and do complain about having NO moments, i think Baekyeon have a lot of worry. Look at how carefull they have to be, how worry Baekyeon are, guys. They just CANNOT interact normally naturally to bring you moments you want in public after all the things have happened. So pls UNDERSTAND the situation and just support.

Doesnt it look like taeyeon was saying something to baekhyun at the end her mouth was moving


BaekYeon fans are sad because there wasn’t any interactions during the concert. They probably did backstage, who knows. They probably did’t interact cause they know that a lot of people are still upset, but when time comes they’re probably going to show their love for each other. <3 

I really want to see baekhyun and taeyeon interact with each other


Hold hands, look lovingly into each other’s eyes, hug…anything I want to see them happy on stage in front of their fans.


It’s good to know i wasn’t the only one roaming around the baekhyun and taeyeon tag to see some interaction. I think Tae and Baek should just like make-out kiss in public and be like FUCK IT and i mean they’re dating but can’t date that’s just sad on many levels.

when your boyfriend accidentally messes up your hair

When will I ever get tired of seeing JinMark moments….? NEVER. Oh God Bless JinMark!!!


Good morning, just dropping in to check the levels of delusion on the Internet. Still keeping things interesting i see.

Baekhyun is the only one to specifically stylize it as ‘ExO’. Why? Because the ‘E’ and the ‘O’ in Korean look like ‘ㅌ’ and ‘ㅇ’ (Taeyeon’s name in Korean 태연)… obviously…


Honestly, people. This whole dating on instagram thing is completely made up by some stupid fans who couldn’t stand to see their bias be with anyone else but their fans. Because we’re really all going to get married to our biases one day, right?


Okay, so he wrote EXO like ExO. Does that…


I find it hilarious how some people are honestly trying to analyze the situation and find reasons why it couldn’t be true that Taeyeon and Baekhyun are dating.


I’ve been a BaekYeon shipper for a long time and honestly this is one of the ships that I actually believed could really…


I think I may know why SM chose now to release ‘Baekyeon’.

One of the things in Kris’s lawsuit says that SM controlled who he dated and intimacy. By ‘accidentally’ letting Baek and Taeyeon get photographed, they make Kris looked stupid because SM claims these two were dating since February….

jongin, sehun and luhan’s solo (baekhyun ver.)

Oh God. *facepalms*